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Jina Luciani

Jina Luciani is the Founder and the artistic director of the designer house occidente. Born in Beirut, profoundly attached to the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur where she grew as a child. She first started a medical cursus and quickly realized that her heart belonged to her artistic passion. She flied away for New York where she attended Fashion Design in the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. She then specialized in Lingerie at Esmod Paris France where she obtained her diploma with the honors.

In 2000, at only 24 years, she is nominated Vice President of Design of a big American group of high-end Lingerie and Loungewear. She will develop collections for customers such as Barneys. This experience will cenrtainly ifluence her vision of feminity and the essentials and will develop her international links. She opens in parallel a first design brand, French Nomad. Rich of this first experience, she will join then the office of style Concepts Paris, under the direction of the visionary Jos Berry, consultanting for international companies. Lingerie spécialized experiences will be major from Paris to New York.
In 2008, she decided to settle back to Mediterranean, and launched a signature inspired by the occidental way of life, offering an intimate wardrobe of Lingerie, Lounge and Yogawear. The signature is called occidente Ecocollection Côte d'Azur.

Since then, she creates in her atelier surrounded with olive trees, with family and with friends, with authentic and modern collections inspired by the balance of elements. We can find a whole wardrobe dedicated to this art of life, including specific lines of ecoluxe Lingerie, Loungewear and Yogawear, Cruisewear.
In 2016, Jina Luciani is a prize-winner Openmymed reward category M Major by the MMMM.



  our know-how
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ecomade refined collections

The cotton: the key material of our collections is the cotton under various textures.

It is chosen high-quality for tyour skin care and envirronnement care as it is cultivated without pesticides, without GMO, nor artificial fertilizer. Its origin can vary according to the qualities from France to Switzerland. The cotton is certified *GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

The linen: the linen fiber uses few water and fertilizers, pesticides, or insecticidal and made in France.

The silk: refined high end French quality, it is made of with the animal-derived natural fiber. Qualities and high end such as satin, gauze, second skin, technical with the elasticity and the sharpness for ultimate comfort. T


lingerie, lounge & yogawear couture expertise


We have more than 10 years of expertise in the design and the development of Slow Fashion EcoLingerie and Loungewear. Furthermore, for more than 5 years, we propose a line of Yogawear and Athleisure who is approved by a large majority of great sports coaches such as Julie Ferrez, coach of life in the Ritz hotel in Paris and Jean-Michel Queyrie, founder of the Villa Wellness in Marseille France.


our designs are French made

The choice of a French manufacturing seemed obvious in our approach of know-how conservation and local development. Our studio is in Peymeinade, an attractive village on the French Riviera where we develop our prototypes and realize our manufacturing in small series. The quality control is also made inhouse in our studio before any customer delivery. For the biggest series, we work with an atelier located in Marseille. Our manufacturing is indeed made in France and Provence.


  the design studio
Atelier Occidente

It is in our studio dedicated to nature and surrounded with olive trees, within the village of Peymeinade located on the French Riviera, that we design since 2008 our occidente collections of lingerie and ecological garments. We sketch the designs inspired by nature, art and architecture. We make the primary prototypes with the exceptional know-how of our team specialized in Luxurious lingerie. Our studio is the fashion case of our ecocollections.

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Occidente - FR
en français
since its creation in 2008,

occidente : organic lingerie

has become a leader in the specialized market of ecofriendly

organic cotton lingerie and loungewear

. it owes its success as much to the quality of its products as to the originality of its designs, creating a totally personalized wardrobe inspired by cultures from the four corners of the globe with a constant focus: allowing the wearer privileged moments of total escape. ecofriendly from the choice of ecological materials and environmentally friendly inks, to recycled buttons and paper labels, this holistic approach also entails long-term partnerships with suppliers and artisans who respect fair trade principles. even though creative inspiration is found in many different cultures around the world, the occidente collections are designed and mainly

produced in france on the french riviera

. the authenticity and unique concept of occidente quickly gained great interest both with customers and the press. items from the collections are frequently featured in well-known fashion magazines and websites. occidente has on several occasions been especially featured in professional trade shows for its’ creative designs and innovative take on

modern lingerie and loungewear