Our engagements

At Occidente, we create the right balance between the aesthetics of our products and the ecological and human values ​​in which we believe. They are our commitment to a process of creating and manufacturing high quality products in soft and eco-responsible Lingerie and Loungewear.


We choose our certified organic materials to guarantee you the best for your skin . Organic cotton, major in our collections, is GOTS certified grown GMO free , without pesticides , without chemical fertilizers And uses reduced water consumption . The label of our cotton, certified GOTS prohibits: Heavy metals as a whole, endocrine disruptors, brominated or chlorinated flame retardants, genetically modified organisms or GMOs, nanotechnology, carcinogenic substances, PVC, nickel, chromium , printing methods using aromatic solvents, plastisol printing methods using phthalates and PVC. To protect humans as much as Mother Nature, the label is formal on the prohibition of forced labor, child labor, discrimination, brutal and inhuman treatment of employees. Agricultural insecticides are replaced with natural fertilizer such as compost which keeps the soil healthy and productive. Organic cotton thus optimizes the use of natural resources and preserves drinking water. This organic cotton also prevents allergies, rashes and respiratory problems. The choice of cotton thus has an impact for the planet and the woman who wears it. We go as far as studying the finishes and accessories of our creations in order to offer you the purest pieces.


Eco-responsibility and organic certification may have similarities, but there are also big differences, especially when it comes to the fabrics you wear. Eco-responsible fabrics such as recycled polyester are made from petroleum derivatives and are too often used. This pollutes the oceans with micro-plastics, consumes energy by transforming plastic into polyester. From experience, we have chosen to go against this trend and offer you natural materials. Our pieces are mostly made with cotton certified organic , of the purest quality for your skin and it is important for us to offer you textile excellence.


We are so proud of our heritage, both tangible and intangible, in the creation of French lingerie and clothing. It was important for us, due to our geography in the South-East of France, that we be involved in the local development of textile creation. The creations are made in the south-east of France with constant monitoring of the working conditions, development and fulfillment of our employees. All our suppliers are chosen for the quality of their service and their geography. It is important for us to support the local economy and value it. THE french heritage is important and our overall approach. In addition, working with local suppliers avoids excessive transport of equipment, supplies, services and allows a saving of more than 60% of our CO2 emissions compared with a classic creation scheme. Our commitment is such that you will find in our collections the celebration of the French art of living, an elegance, a finesse recognized internationally.


Since the beginning of our approach, we have adopted values ​​that push eco-responsibility towards a precise and transparent eco-vision sometimes qualified as purist. These values, we like to transmit them to our trainees and within educational institutions. For us, the planet and the woman who wears our collections are a pair . Our CO2 emissions are reduced by our local approach. This makes our industrial activity cleaner for the planet. We do not overproduce and even better, we produce on demand. Clothes ordered for exceptional consignment operations are then donated to associations. The most common approaches are thus constituted and we wanted to go further, with a benevolent approach for the skin of our consumers who wear them. This is how the choice of organic cotton emerged, without GMOs and pesticides, colored in a virtuous way, it is better for your body. The well-being that our creations provide is thus at its purest and most genuine.


Lingerie is one of the most delicate areas. The pieces that make it up are part of the most intimate wardrobe, the closest to our body. The daily one that contributes to our state of mind that we imagine serene and fluid. Of course, there is also seduction lingerie. The contemporary woman is plural.
At Occidente, we strongly believe that seduction emanates from the state of mind even more than from formal assets. You are beautiful because you feel good. And in this perspective, each piece of Lingerie Occidente is unique and designed for your well-being . First of all, we are looking for the softest, most flexible materials for the ease of your movements. We also make sure of the greatest, the most beautiful finesse so that the pieces are extremely comfortable and delicate. Our first inspiration is to imagine you wearing our Lingerie with ease, evolving with naturalness and elegance with the feeling of being almost naked. Wearing Occidente Lingerie means dressing in pure pieces of Lingerie, which respect your body and gently accompany you throughout your day.


Loungewear is defined as clothing that is worn indoors or on the street. It's designed to be as soft and supple as your pajamas, as comfortable and casual as your jogging pants, as stylish as your most designer pieces. From super-soft organic cotton jersey tops to roomiest bottoms, our pieces look good on you and make your comfy moments more stylish. To create our loungewear pieces, we first look for the purest, most delicate and most flexible materials, always being aware of the ease and comfort of your movements . You will find in our proposals some pieces more suited to the practice of gentle sports such as yoga. Our couture details are minimalist and graphic so that any composed outfit is studied, elaborated with modernity.


We want every item you source from Occidente to be a complement to another item of your choice, whatever the category, whatever the weather. This is the very principle of mix and match where everything can be combined. To do this, a bias has been defined: to offer you pure and timeless clothes . We have therefore chosen for all our collections the major white and its pure shades, those of the organic cotton of our collections. It is also the color that gives balance, value and beauty to all others. It is observed that in nature we find all kinds of whites. We study them, according to their source, their evolution, and we integrate them into our collections. Over the years, we have built up an entire range of complementary whites. In order to emphasize certain materials, certain shapes in our pieces, a touch of black is sometimes added, to underline the movements of the body, as well as a touch of gold, which celebrates the beauty of nature . Our finishes are similar and you can match everything according to your wishes.